See what people are saying about Scott Keo

“Jaw dropping Michael Bublé impersonator! The show was very entertaining but we still cannot stop talking about how good the Michael Bublé impersonator was! His voice was amazing, he was even more handsome then Michael himself, and completely stole the show!” – May 28, 2013

“Michael Bublé was the best vocally…” – August 1, 2013

“Michael Bublé was a stand out with his singing and his style… Our only complaint was that it had to end… we couldn’t get enough!” – August 1, 2013

“The singer who impersonated [Michael] was wonderful.” – June 28, 2013

“Michael Bublé- Are you kidding me? Does the real Michael Bublé know how good this kid is? Chills from the very first line. Wow!” – June 28, 2013