Testimonial: A Thank You To Scott Keo

We love hearing what you have to say about Scott and are always happy to share your messages and stories. Here’s a testimonial from James Finney:

A few months back, my fiancé was riding me to find a good song for the Mother-Son dance at our wedding. I don’t remember what I searched, but I stumbled onto “All to You”. Being it was my second marriage, the “Can I have this dance just one more time” opening was so perfect that I insisted on using it.

My wedding was last week. When my mom and I started dancing to this song, she started crying when she heard the lyrics, which made me cry for the first time that day.

When I saw the live video on YouTube where Scott said he loved hearing about how people love that song for weddings, I thought I’d share that moment. Scott’s song helped make that night. I wanted to be amongst those who already have emailed to say thank you.